Roberts seems to have bipartisan support.

This is one of the best, succinct articles I’ve seen yet concerning John Roberts, Supreme Court Nominee. No knee-jerk reactionary accusations (such as his name printed on a brief among about 8 other names that was poised by the administration at the time to look for evidence as to why Roe v. Wade should be overturned) or finger pointing.

This morning, on Today (I like Matt and Katie. I won’t apologize for this.), Sandra Day O’Connor was quoted as saying, “I can’t think of anything that isn’t good about him, except he’s not a woman.” She also said he was an excellent jurist and had a fascinating legal mind.

Sounds like someone I’d want on the bench, even if my ideologies don’t match up exactly with him.

I think the hullaballoo with Roe v. Wade is more fear – if they take my right to procreate (or, in this case, right to NOT procreate) away from me, what is next? I think I can safely say most women would rather give their right arm than have to make a decision about having an abortion. Then again, the way people are so careless with it, perhaps they don’t feel that way. I know *I* feel that way – hence why I am diligent in making sure I prevent a pregnancy until when and if I am ready to have a child.

I can see the point of pro-lifers. I see why the whole practice of it disgusts them. How people really are so careless as to say, “Oh, well, I’ll just have an abortion.” No, no, no! There’s no reason, in this day and age, that you cannot protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies. Most college campuses offer free or discounted gynocological services to women, and I know my college had condoms in the vending machines. Of course, no method is foolproof, but if you’re smart about it, it can be pretty damned close.

Family policies in this country are a joke. The government would rather fund a broken welfare system than give working mothers in need free or subsidized daycare. In the US, it costs about $100,000 to raise a child. This is not including college, and likely not including all of the “extras” that the child may want, and that you may want for them – such as a cellphone (so they can check in at any point, and you can check in on them), a car (so you don’t have to drop everything to transport them everywhere), a television (so you can watch what you want to watch), a computer (so they can do their homework) … the list goes on. After all is said and done, a family that has three or more kids will cost well over a million dollars to raise. And that’s in 2005. What about in 2010? 2020? It will only get more expensive.

Single mothers are branded with a scarlet A, as are their children, who more often than not are ridiculed by their peers and teachers, assumed to be lower class just because their mothers are doing it alone. Women who choose adoption are branded as selfish. Tell me, how is giving a childless couple something they’ve always dreamed of selfish? How is giving your child a better life than you are capable of providing for it selfish? On the contrary, it’s the most selfless thing anyone can do.

With a society like that, I can’t blame women for choosing abortion. That’s branded as shameful, too, but at least you can keep it under wraps. This, of course, is not including the women who choose to end a pregnancy because it’s high risk, or because it’s the result of rape or incest. That’s a whole other can of worms.

Ironically enough, it is often the same people who picket in front of Planned Parenthood that also hold the “A” brands in their hands, poised to attack the first woman they see. What, exactly, do you want?

Do I agree with Roe v. Wade? Yes, solely because it is not my job to judge what another woman chooses to do with her body. Do I think it could stand up in court a second time? I don’t know. The original argument is shaky at best.

However, Roberts did say that he didn’t feel an urge to reverse a 30+ year old precedent.

Before either side starts to mount a war, they both need to examine the problems that make abortion a necessary evil, and fix those. Wouldn’t it be better to make abortion obsolete rather than illegal?