A good friend of mine, who is a Republican, jokes to me about how I hate Republicans. Of course, we both realize this is just not true. On the contrary, my views are quite moderate, and I’m always willing to entertain both sides of any issue, provided there is a well-thought out argument. Every once in a while, I actually *agree* with Republicans! More often than you might think, anyway. So, no, I don’t hate Republicans.

I just can’t stand the Fascists in power who have been calling themselves Republicans.

That’s why, as you can imagine, I was once again ready to throw things at my computer screen when I read about the House of Representatives American Values Agenda.

I’m sorry, but I thought that annoying, stifling, anti-American document (otherwise known as the Bill of Rights) gives us the right to define our own values, and not have them legislated. Silly me, perhaps I should stop being a “whiny flag-burner” and just shut up.

Some of the golden lilies they’re serving up include:

Pledge Protection Act, HR 2389
Freedom to Display the American Flag Act, HR 42 (You mean we’re not free to display it now? Seems a little redundant to me!)
The Public Expression of Religion Act, HR 2679 (I suppose this is in response to the “War on Christmas”?)
Marriage Amendment, HJ Res 88 (How many times does this need to be voted down before they realize this is not something the American people want?)
Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, HR 356 (Whatever THAT’S supposed to mean!)
Human Cloning Prohibition Act, HR 1357
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) Reform, 5092 (What is this? Guns Good, Alcohol Bad?)
Internet Gambling Prohibition (What for????)
Permanent Tax Relief for Families (What families? The Waltons?)
Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act, HR 5013

If it wasn’t so scary, it would be hysterical.

Somewhat related to this, there was some sort of email survey about the Flag Burning Amendment currently before Congress. I had to change the station before I could really listen to the meat of it, as I’ve found yelling at the radio tends to lead to such things as me swerving off the highway. At any rate, I find it interesting that most of these people have no idea what the American Legion endorses as proper flag etiquette:

Q: How are unserviceable flags destroyed?

A:The Flag Code suggests that, “when a flag has served its useful purpose, it should be destroyed, preferably by burning.” For individual citizens, this should be done discreetly so the act of destruction is not perceived as a protest or desecration. Many American Legion Posts conduct Disposal of Unserviceable Flag Ceremonies on June 14, Flag Day. This ceremony creates a particularly dignified and solemn occasion for the retirement of unserviceable flags.

Yet, surprisingly, they support that stupid amendment, too. And, yes, it has to be an amendment. Because that pesky, God-hating piece of paper (once again, I’m talking about the Bill of Rights) says that freedom of expression is A-OK. And while I personally think that desecrating the flag is horrendous and disgusting, what happens next? The press isn’t allowed to criticize the President, because he’s the Commander in Chief?

Oh, and for those of you who might be offended that I compared the current national GOP to fascists, check out how Merriam Webster defines fascism and tell me I’m wrong.