I make a concerted effort to stay up on current events. Some days I’m better about it than others, but at the very least I try to peruse the local headlines on a daily basis. When I’m feeling more ambitious, I mosey on over to Google News.

More often than not, I do this when I’m looking for a wider perspective on a story I spot in the local paper or hear on the news. However, while I’m there, I at least check the national headlines. Sometimes, too, I check the science or health headlines. Like I did today.

It amazes me as to what is considered “newsworthy.” A 24 hour news cycle has it’s benefits in that you can get up-to-the-minute coverage. The downside, besides a higher risk of inaccuracy (as you’re scrambling to get the story out and to the public ASAP), is that sometimes there’s not a whole lot interesting going on. Sure, it’s not hard to find something interesting, as there is always a story to be told, but when you’re constantly telling thousands of different stories every second, you’re bound to run low on ideas.

With that, I give you some of the headlines I spotted today.

Families grin and share it, study says
I’m sorry … DUH?! I have my mother’s laugh and I have my grandmother’s eyes. Why would anyone think a SMILE would be any different? Is this seriously what science research money is going to?

Study links hair to eating disorders
Now, on the surface, this seems interesting. But think about it for a second – those with eating disorders generally don’t seek medical help until they are willing to admit they need help. And, unlike with drug use, starving yourself is not against the law. What, are we going to compel hair samples from everyone and FORCE someone who is anorexic into a treatment program? Good luck with that one.

Marijuana-like compound may slow Alzheimer’s
SPEAKING of illegal drugs, here’s yet another argument as to why marijuana should be legalized. Hey, if red wine intake can decrease incidents of heart disease, why couldn’t marijuana slow brain degeneration? Stranger things have happened …

Eat more fish, study urges, despite toxin risk
I’ve stopped paying attention to knee-jerk reactions to what foods are “good” and “bad” for us to eat. It’s all bad in excess. *Yawns* I wonder when The Powers That Be will deem carbs wonderful again?

Charles Darwin’s works go online
I’m sorry, you mean it wasn’t before???

There are hundreds of these gems, which you’ll find all on Google News.

I’ll sign off with my favorite waste of newsprint political scandal:
Top Republican testifies in sex scandal

… and …

Priest admits fondling but denies rape

Oh, the things we choose to care about.