Sorry to steal from Capitol Confidential, but that was a catchy headline, and I like it.

What, exactly, do I mean by this? As many of my readers may already know, President Bush has declared a National Day of Mourning for President Ford on January 2nd, which will close all federal offices. The Capitol Confidential Blog posted that Spitzer says no. Millions of dollars of taxpayer waste for a free holiday for state workers? Not on Spitzer’s watch!

I agree with him – and, yes, as a State worker, I would have benefitted from the day off Tuesday. Not to say I’d turn my nose up at a free day off, but I see his point. How many of us are actually going to mourn for Gerald Ford? Actually, considering that I have what my coworker calls “the Poor Man’s Cable” ($9.93/month for 20 channels!), and there is no mail on Tuesday, either (so I won’t have my Netflix order at my fingertips), so I’d probably be bored out of my mind. As you’ll note, one commenter stated that if State workers really wanted to mourn President Ford, they could go to the Cathedral on Madison or St. Mary’s on Lodge St. on their lunch hour and say a prayer.

And me, being the only somewhat-lapsed Catholic that I am, is contemplating that thought.

Spitzer’s decision would be politicized no matter what he decided to do – if he gave us the day, then people would crow that he was already wasting taxpayer money, exactly what he promised he would not do. If he doesn’t give us the day (because, let’s face it – he could change his mind at the eleventh hour), then people will crow that Spitzer is disrespecting Ford’s memory.

Then, of course, there are those who are saying that they won’t be able to get anything done anyway, because the Federal offices are all closed. Now, maybe this is just unique to my agency, but I don’t have any dealings with Federal offices, so it certainly won’t affect my workload. I really do not see how, for one day, that would affect a lot of people. Especially a day that a lot of people take off anyway.

Of course, then again, if it is a quiet day that a lot of people take off, anyway, what difference would it make if Spitzer just gave it to us?


I see his point. And I agree with it.