There’s nothing I dislike more than the sloppy spread of misinformation.

Granted, slip happens. I’m guilty of it myself (which is why I encourage my readers to point out to me if they do see a mistake, and I will address it). However, some things are just plain careless, and that irritates me.

The Albany Project has a new Wiki.

As I noted in the Capitol Confidential blog, my comment:

Just at glancing at the Senate page of the Wiki, I found four glaring mistakes:

1&2. Both Jeff Klein and Jose Serrano are Bronx Democrats;
3. Joe Griffo, not Ray Meier, is the Senator for the 47th, as Meier didn’t run for reelection in favor of his unsuccessful Congressional bid; and, my personal favorite,
4. NYS Senate District 49 – David J. Valesky (R-Fabius)
R??? Last time I checked, Valesky was a Democrat. This is news to me.

A Wiki is a great idea, yes, but with mistakes like these, they add fodder to the fire that Wikipedia is unreliable.

The first two don’t bother me quite as much, as they were merely left blank. If it is common sense to me that those two Senators are Bronx Democrats, I’d think it would be to the Albany Project as well, but it’s more mockworthy than it is infuriating. The third piece – irritating at best, but up until Dec. 31st, Ray Meier WAS the Senator, so it isn’t exactly false.

It was the fourth one that got my blood boiling. HELLO! That was one of the biggest political snafus of the New York Republicans in 2004. They had a powerhouse candidate that would have easily won reelection by a landslide – Nancy Larraine Hoffman – because she was a woman, she was moderate, and the Republicans easily took the national stage. But, no. They primaried her, and because one won the Conservative line and the other won the Republican line, the votes were split.

Giving the Democrats a golden opportunity – to re-take the 49th Senate seat with a strong candidate. And, they did. And, Valesky won by a large margin this past election year.

The Albany Project, a citizen Journalism initiative, was born on November 4, 2006 out of the frustration felt by lipris, NYBri, and am upon the realization that New York, with all its apparent governmental dysfunction, elected only one new state senator,Andrea Stewart-Cousins in 2006.

This election result proved that the real problem in Albany isn’t a partisan problem, it’s an incumbency problem. With that in mind, The Albany Project is dedicated to bringing transparency and accountability New York State government and returning it to its rightful owners, the people.

Oh, gee, an incumbency problem? It took you this long to figure that out? I could have told you that five years ago, when I first worked in Albany myself.

Sorry, I’m unimpressed. If you want people to stand up and listen to you, make sure people can rely on you as a source of information.