I hate the nitty gritty of campaign work, or lobbying work. The phone calls, the door-knocking, the exhaustion. But I will say this: I do LOVE to watch it unfold. I love reading the politico blogs and commenting on them. I love seeing where candidates stand on the issues, and I LOVE it not only when good candidates run, but when they stand a good shot of winning.

Hence why I am addicted – ADDICTED – to the Craig Johnson/Maureen O’Connell race in Nassau County. Guess who I’m rooting for. I’ll give you a hint: the link is telling.

Now, granted, I live about four hours away from this particular Senate district, but good representatives in the NY Senate mean good things for all New Yorkers. And, I won’t lie, after many years under an (albeit progressive in comparison to the rest of the nation) Republican regime in New York, this little liberal Democrat feminist political nerd is pretty excited about what’s been going on in Albany as of late.

I saw this great icon on Live Journal a while back describing some of the ideals of the Democratic party, such as good schools, affordable healthcare, and good jobs for all Americans. I’ll have to see if I can hunt it down and share it with my readers – it represents why *I* am a Democrat, even if “the party” may have lost it’s way for a while.

It’s coming back, though. I saw it on election day. I’m seeing it with Eliot’s first weeks in office. And hopefully, I’ll get to see it with Craig Johnson, too. I can’t help but get excited. I think Good Days are ahead for New York.

In the meantime, check out this post over at the DailyKos. Good stuff.