I first want to note that there WILL be posts on the following in the coming days:
1. The NY Comptroller Debacle
2. The SOTP “situation”

… however, when I saw this article posted on a message board this morning, it sparked my muse. And in the mornings before work, I only really have time to pontificate on one pressing issue.

Now, while this seems like a legitimate beef, I find it odd that he’s SUING the school. This indicates to me that there is more to his story, as on the surface this looks like something he could dispute. I also find it odd that an “84” is considered a “C” – isn’t that at least a “B” in most circles?

At any rate, it made me think. A friend of mine who is a teacher ran into a problem recently where she gave a student a “C” because she never turned in a key assignment, and the student was sobbing over it, and begged her to allow the teacher to let her turn it in “late” – for no points off, of course. The teacher was kind and did allow this — but tell me, when did this become acceptable? When did it become okay to usurp the teacher and/or professor’s judgment about what a grade should be?

I’ve had my share of crappy teachers. I’ve had my share of grades that maybe I did not think I deserved, that have brought down my GPA. But, the bottom line is, that’s life. Life isn’t fair. We’ll go on job interviews and be “graded” on our performance and then a lesser candidate will be hired. We’ll get passed over for promotions at work, despite how well we do. Eventually, if we work hard and do well, we’ll be rewarded, but we’ll have bosses who take a disliking to us and “punish” us for this personality conflict.

So, while this person may be right – it’s hard to say from the little information I have – he’s setting a dangerous precedent. What if, anyone who can afford it, will just hire a lawyer and “buy” good grades? I don’t think this is something that belongs in a courtroom.