Some … wait, no. A LOT of my inspiration for this blog comes simply from reading the blogs of others. Sometimes I find things I want to comment on that make a full post. Other things just speak for themselves.

Like, for instance, my friend the Buffalo Philosopher, posted this link in his blog a few weeks ago. Republicans fighting for (real) freedom and checks and balances. Wow – even the righties are getting sick of the current crap being perpetuated by the current administration.

Of course, it doesn’t help that this is what we call the news these days. Satirical, yes. Really, scarily true? Also yes (Thanks to Sam for that one.

The mod over at Academia as an Extreme Sport emailed me the true story of a Citiot transplant – which goes hand in hand with The Drum Major Institute’s question about whether Is New York City Still a Middle Class Town? (If you ask me, no, it is not.)

Finally, I’ll point to two of my favorite up-and-coming female bloggers, Liz Funk and Casey McNulty. In this entry, Liz talks about the merits (or lack thereof) of the “Man’s” version of Valentine’s Day, 28 days later on March 14. In this entry, Casey talks about the underlying themes in Disney movies that encourage women to continue to treat themselves as second class citizens. She’s got a point – can you think of a Disney movie that DOESN’T suggest that a Princess’s life is better because she nails her Prince Charming? How … liberating.

So, for those of you who wonder why I post incessantly for a few days, and then not for a few more, my brain is still churning. It’s just that sometimes I don’t have a lot to say. Sometimes, these things just speak for themselves.

On a final note, for this, there are no words.