I know, I know, I haven’t made a real post in AGES.

And, I could make a separate post, but the scathing letter I just sent to my representatives sums it up nicely.

Dear Congressman McNulty:

I recently read a news item that literally made my stomach turn. Cassandra Hernandez, an airman stationed at Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville, NC, was brutally raped at a party by three of her fellow airmen. After reporting the case at the hospital, and subsequently being interrogated by the Air Force investigators, Cassandra ultimately decided – as many rape victims who are so treated do – not to testify.

The Air Force then filed charges of “indecent acts” against her, and offered her three attackers immunity to testify against her. If she loses this case, she could be publicly registered as a sex offender.

It is bad enough that Cassandra was so victimized by the Air Force upon reporting the charges, after being victimized by her fellow airmen, but this is a trend in our society that has not been curbed. However, the fact that the Air Force is now charging HER with a crime is reprehensible and sickening.

I also find it ironic that this country – this MILITARY – is fighting a “War on Terror” in countries that are known for killing women who are raped in order to protect the family’s so-called “honor.” Though this treatment of women in that part of the world is not our primary reason for being at war, it has been reported in the news media by our leaders that it is yet another secondary factor. But, in our own country – a country that is supposed to be progressive, the “leaders of the free world” – we are treating our women in a manner that is no better.

Cassandra deserves better of this system, and the women of this country do, too. I hope that, knowing you are a strong proponent of women’s rights, you will take action.

Know that I am also writing similar letters to our two Senators, Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton, as well as our Governor, Eliot Spitzer, and I will be urging my friends and family to do the same. I have also included some links to news articles on the situation to this letter.

If you would like to discuss this with me further, please feel free to contact me at irisira@gmail.com, or by phone at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Thank you for your time and your consideration.

The Social Commentator
Albany, NY


I am serious about urging friends and family. Information about contacting your congressperson is here and to your Senators here. I also encourage you to contact your State’s Governor, as I did.