I’m so, so sick of voting for the Lesser of Who Cares (props to those who catch the reference on that).

One of my coworkers said the other day that there was “no way” she was voting for Hillary. Well, okay. I can’t say I’m surprised, as she’s a Republican, who is pro-Iraq and anti-National Health Care. I choose not to get into a discussion with her about it, because it will likely only cause hard feelings.

Part of me wanted to get into the higher-minded discussion about the “Anyone but” method of voting, however I’d be somewhat hypocritical if I did. Myself, unless it is Guiliani, will refuse to vote for ANY of the GOP candidates. If it is Guiliani, I’m not saying I would vote for him, but at least I’d feel like I have some valid considerations. Guiliani is the only one, from what I can see, that isn’t pro-life, pro-gun, anti-women, pro-war, pro-“family values” (whatever the hell that means – it seems more like “pro-bigotry” to me), and etc.

Case in Point. Anything Guiliani says there is going to do little for him, considering that the NRA believes in nothing less than unfettered access.

However, I’m disappointed in the edited version. Another coworker has a friend at the AP, and she sent him the UNedited version, with choice quotes from Fred Thompson about the NRA being an unofficial “militia” (there is no such thing – the “militia” is the National Guard). Oh! Oh! And, he also said that the government had “no right” to “regulate the who what when where and how” of a legal product.


Motor vehicles, tobacco (particularly cigarette smoke), alcohol, and prescription drugs come to mind. However, I understand that one could argue such things are regulated because their use could kill and/or maim someone …

… oh, wait.