I tend to not get as fired up about Election Day in odd-numbered years, especially if it is not a mayoral election, as this year was not. However, I did have a friend who was running for office. A Democrat, yes, which certainly didn’t hurt him in Albany, however he wasn’t the “party pick,” by any means, but Chris Higgins won by a landslide.

Personally, I think his opponents attacking him for only having lived in the district for two years (he countered, yes, however for seven years before that he was in college and law school in Albany, and he stayed to live and work in the community), and that he was not a property owner, was quite foolish. At 27, he represents the average voter in this neighborhood: a young, educated professional who lives and works in the neighborhood, and if does not rent, the “property” owned is in one of the cooperative condominium buildings – and even a lot of those are subletted.

Anyhow, beyond that election, I wasn’t watching the rest all that closely, as it was pretty obvious who the front runners would be. Therefore, for my fix, I looked at Warren County (i.e., Lake George), my hometown, for interesting races. Bud York won the Republican nod for Sheriff, beating out the long term incumbent who really HAD TO GO. I was happy to see this, though that was over after the September primary. Nevertheless, after skimming the Albany County results this morning, I moseyed over to Warren County.

And, I learned, that a woman by the name of Kathleen Simmes is now Supervisor of the Town of Bolton. I don’t know much about this woman beyond this profile, or what kind of campaign she ran. I DO know, however, that she now is the only – the ONLY – woman on the Warren County Board of Supervisors. Go ahead, click the link – currently it’s a bunch of old white men, the youngest being about 50 years old (second row, second and third in from the left, are your “youngins”). While the new-as-of-2008 ratio of 19:1 is still pretty horrible, and while I’m still disheartened at the lack of young people involved in politics up there (as opposed to in Albany!), this elections seems to have turned out some “new” blood. There is a 39-year-old local business owner from Queensbury, and a 45-year-old Town Supervisor in Johnsburg (who, actually, is the former District Attorney).

So, now instead of saying they are a bunch of “old white men, not one under 50,” I have to say, “They’re a bunch of old white men, with one woman and only two members under 50.” Not great, but clearly, a vast improvement. Baby steps, right?

Maybe next go around, a 27-year-old independent with some moxie will challenge one of them, and win. I’d like to see that.