I feel like there is a lot I have to say, but finding the time to say it gets increasingly difficult.

News and Notes:
1. Chelle, you’re right about the Walmart, except in my estimation, it only took a few short weeks. The boyfriend needed vitamins, and we had already tried two other stores looking for them. After lunch at Panera Bread, he (reluctantly) agreed to look in Walmart. Not only did they NOT have them, but the luster of “new” has already worn off, and the place did not look nearly as shiny and pretty. I have to 4say, though, I felt a little dirty shopping there after the shock of the place actually being, well, not a dump, wore off.

And, for the record, I DO shop at the Co-op … for produce (and cheese!). Special-ordering meat is not particularly convenient. No, what I need to do is find a good butcher. Does anyone local have any recommendations?

2. I can’t decide how I feel about the latest rulings of the Supreme Court. I agree with them both on the surface, however both rulings surface things that are inherently flawed. In that the Constitution says that we have a right to bear arms, no, it is not okay for a city to ban the use of personal handguns.

Yet, when I hear Sam Alito – who, whether I agree with him much on anything or not, is a relatively smart guy – say something bonehead like guns are a good self defense weapon because you can point the gun with one hand and dial 911 with the other, it makes you wonder. I don’t like guns, and will never own one, and even *I* know that it’s a physical impossibility for most people to shoot a gun with one hand. Are these people really in charge of making decisions?

I’m very torn on the right to bear arms, probably because I don’t like guns. However, I suppose, in order for me to not be a hypocrite, if I’m going to say things like, “If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one and work to make it so there’s no need for them in society, but don’t make them illegal” then I should probably take the same stance on guns.

However, speaking of hypocrisy, the other decision reeks of it. No, rapists should not be given the death penalty. However, neither should anyone. Period, full stop. The government should not be in the business of playing God and ending a life. I don’t care how much of a scumbag it is, or how much he “deserves to die,” we should not be making that decision – how does that make us any better? It’s first degree murder in it’s worst form. Depraved, cold, indifference that is premeditated to the second. The thought makes me shudder.

However, if the death penalty is going to be legal (which makes me want to puke, but I digress), then no, if you didn’t kill someone yourself, the State should not have the right to kill you. Of course, brain trust Sam Alito spoke against this as well. I can’t remember what – if anything – about what he said was dumb in itself, however for someone who thinks abortion is murder, he’s pretty quick to murder someone else’s child.

You do not get to call yourself pro-life if you believe in the death penalty. You can say you’re against abortion and think it should be illegal, and state why you think it is murder. You can even justify why that is a “worse” murder than the death penalty. I will disagree with you, but you’re entitled to your opinion. But, if you’re going to refer to yourself as “pro-life,” you should really think about what that means before you invoke those words.

3. On a similar note, this week’s New Yorker had an article about the “New Evangelicals”, which gets into discussions of a similar vein. I was really pleased to read this article, as it gives me some hope – Christians actually preaching true Christian values, not the hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, and ignorance of the past decade or so. (The entire article is not online, sadly, but the abstract will give you a good idea of the content.)

4. Also in a similar vein, I’m disappointed in Barack for speaking out against this particular decision, however this is the first policy issue (that I’ve found) that I disagree with him on. Even though I was still secretly hoping Hillary would pull through (even though I knew a while ago it wasn’t going to happen), I’m actually more aligned politically with Obama. And, at least, unlike his wingnut counterparts, he doesn’t call himself “pro-life.”