This is for those of you who primarily read this blog on the LiveJournal feed (or, for that matter, the Facebook feed):

If you want to comment, I ask that instead of commenting on the feed, to click the link at the top of the feed and comment directly on the blogspot post. You can use your LJ handle, or a different handle, if you wish. If you have a gmail account, you can use that to comment as well.

I don’t restrict commenting on this blog at all, so you shouldn’t have an issue.

I say this for three reasons:
1. I know there are quite a few of you who read this blog on LJ, and I’d like to generate more traffic over here, and, hopefully, some discussion where it is more public and accesible; and
2. I am not notified in any way (by email or otherwise) when there is a comment on the LJ feed. I have to manually go into the feed and see if there are comments there, which I often forget to do; and
3. I’m not sure how LJ maintains this, exactly, but they don’t necessarily “save” all of the entries on the feed for more than a certain length of time. So, in essence, your comments (and mine, if I respond, and I often do if I see them) get lost in cyberspace.

I realize some of you may not realize these things, and in the past I didn’t mind in the least (I don’t really mind it now, either), but recently I’ve decided to try and generate more traffic here – both by writing more often, and hopefully getting some of my regular commenters over on this forum to stimulate discussions.