November is National Novel Writing Month. And, again, this year, I considered doing it, and then ruled it out because “I don’t have the tiiiiiiime.”

Time for WHAT, exactly? Okay, granted, I’m in the process of moving (I’m moving in with my partner, who happens to live two floors up from me, not exactly a daunting task). And, granted, I have a wedding to go to this weekend. And I leave for vacation for a week and a half on the 26th. But, really, no time? What do I do? I go to work, I come home, the boyfriend and I make dinner and watch TV, or maybe I do a crossword or read a book, then I go to bed. Maybe I’ll read my blogs, too. If it’s a Friday, throw the occasional happy hour in.

My life is a fulfilling one, don’t get me wrong. But, no time? Really? I have no time to write?

At this point (Nov. 4), without an idea or an outline even started, and knowing I’m leaving for vacation on the 26th, therefore cutting the writing 5 days short with no “contingency” plan, it would be silly for me to engage in NaNo this year. Perhaps next year. Of course, I say that every year.

So, I got to thinking. What if, between now and Nov. 26, I write in this blog every day? Some entries may be one line, some may be longer. Some may be funny, or more personal. Some may be serious. But, starting today, there will be an entry every day for the next three weeks.

Not NaNo, but maybe a good precursor to NaNo ’09. 🙂