Those of you who have read me in the past (or who know me in person) probably aren’t shocked that I am in a very, very good mood today.

However, even more momentous than that happened in NY. NY, a blue state with a very red Senate. Over the past few years, the Senate has gotten increasingly purple. This year, it went blue.

I don’t want to get as hyped up as I did about Eliot Spitzer’s election in 2006, and there is a small part of me that’s worried that the liberals will implode considering how the balance of power has tipped. Yet, I still can’t help but be happy about this.

Yesterday, my country said NO to the war. They said NO to catering to the rich. They said NO to the Religious Right.

So, therefore, I am in a good mood today. And, in honor of this good mood, I am reclaiming my “Sarah Palin” sweater. šŸ™‚