Shut up, I know I haven’t updated every day. And, I realized, as I’m going to be on vacation from Nov. 26-Dec. 7 with limited internet access, I won’t be able to fulfill this duty, anyhow.

But, I am trying. Really.

I’m currently in the midst of moving – granted, I’m not moving far (two stories up, actually), and I don’t have to do it “all at once” (thank goodness), however I’ve still been trying to think about how best to consolidate two households into one. It’s a bit of a challenge, but is actually working out a lot better than I had expected it to. You’d be surprised how much you learn how to maximize space when it’s all of a sudden necessary to do so.

Anyway, in addition to moving, I also spent part of my day off last Tuesday Christmas shopping. I got a pretty decent dent completed – I finished Mom and all of the kids in the family. One of the things I got for my mother was from L.L. Bean (she doesn’t read this, so I know I can talk about it safely … however, I still won’t say *what* I got, just in case). Anyhow, as you’ll note, they’re running a deal where if you spend $50, you get a $10 gift card. I hadn’t even noticed the promotion when I walked into the store, and the purchase for mom was $49. So, the girl at the counter informed me of the promotion and asked if I wanted to buy a LUNA Bar.

I tried my best not to make a face. I had tried one of these once before (specifically, the Strawberry Crumble Sunrise), and I thought it was GROSS. It was super sweet and sugary, and I was barely able to choke it down. I thought to myself, “WHY do people like these? They’re GROSS! I can’t believe people eat this crap!”

“It’s $1.50,” said the girl. “Probably the least expensive thing we have.” Now, just before, I had been browsing some of the water bottles that had stuff stuffed in them (one was a travel spa, one was a parka, one was a fitness kit, etc.), which were kind of kitchy, but tempting. However, I only needed the dollar, and this was $1.50. What’s the worst that could happen, I hate it and get $10 to spend? I was pinched for time and wouldn’t have a chance to grab lunch, so why not? It was something, and gross or not, at least it was a healthy something.

So. I bought a S’mores bar. And, am I glad that I gave LUNA a second chance, even if it was under duress. Now, I see what all the hype is about. These really are tasty! Clearly, I just need to stay away from the Sunrise line. 🙂