I’m not suggesting that you look to either one of us as right or wrong, however I’m curious to know your thoughts. A friend and I have a difference of opinion regarding this.

She thinks that it’s unconscionable that they not only ditched the press conference, but they did so while disrupting the atmosphere of a nice restaurant, and THEN bragged about it. I, on the other hand, have quite a bit more sympathy for the situation, given my former career, and actually enjoyed the tale immensely. (A tale which, I maintain, we would not have known, based on her news report of the press conference alone, had Liz Benjamin not chosen to share it with us.)

I’m interested to see not who is “right – because I don’t think there is a “right” or “wrong.” It’s an opinion, one which my friend and I disagree on – but rather to see how others feel about this. I’m curious, as my friend does bring up an interesting point of view that, quite honestly, I hadn’t even thought about.

I note finally that part of the reason I value her friendship is that, like me, she doesn’t take a difference of opinion personally. So, to my friend (who I know reads this) – I hope you don’t mind I posted this here.