In short, it has been a bear.

Because Chris and I live in a small apartment building (we’re in the largest of 9 one bedroom apartments, and one studio apartment), we are very conscious of the Exorcist-like cries puppies often make when sorting through their separation anxiety when put in a crate.

So, because, a. we really, really do not want to tick off the neighbors, particularly considering our landlord is generous enough to let us have both a cat AND a dog; and 2. I do work full time, and sleeping on the floor is preferable to not sleeping at all; I have a makeshift bed next to the crate. Finnegan does not cry when I am right next to him (he also stops when I talk to him, even if in the bed, but note point 2), so our neighbors are not rudely interrupted in the wee hours, and both Chris and I can get some sleep.

It is certainly hindering his progress. Last night he was better than the night before, in that his cries were not as loud, and we have been leaving him for short periods of time during the day, (you know, when no one in earshot is sleeping), which will at least reinforce the training. I realize that if we let him cry it out for one or two nights, he would be fine and we could resume our normal schedule, but there are other factors to consider. So, in the meantime, we must be satisfied with the fact that he is otherwise learning extremely fast, is already about 75 percent housebroken (!), and is, well, an all around great dog. I realize I am biased, but I think if you were to meet him, you would agree.

However, this does not change the fact that even though floor sleep is better than no sleep, floor sleep is not optimal. Ugh. Thank goodness for coffee …