No, really.

I have a lot to say, and unfortunately, not a good focus. I realized that was my issue with this blog. It was meant to be my thoughts/insights on the world around me. As a general theme, I think it’s a good one, as it enables me to be flexible and post on a wide variety of topics. However, I think this flexibility has overwhelmed me.

For example – I thought this blog wasn’t the “appropriate” venue to talk about my misadventures in puppy raising. So, I started a new blog that I only updated a handful of times. In hindsight, I easily could have tied in relevant stories to this theme.

Which is what I’ve decided to do this year.

I recently got engaged. I am in the early stages of wedding planning, and am deciding which traditions I love, which traditions I hate and refuse to include, and which traditions I could do without but am keeping for harmony’s sake. And, of course, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Additionally, before we got engaged, I made the decision to start simplifying. Though I am hardly looking to fully embrace a minimalist’s lifestyle, my fiance and I have decided, at least for the (longer) short term, that where we live is more important to us than how much space we have. We currently have too much stuff for our space, and most of it is stuff we don’t need. I’m doing it in small steps. I cleared out all but a couple of shelves from my bookshelf one night; I cleaned out my closet the next. A friend is getting her first “adult” apartment and needs provisions, and we’re going “shopping” in my storage unit. My mother needs a new couch, and I have a spotless couch that desperately needs a new home.

Animal care. Weddings. Simplifying. These are all topics that are rife with things that the “social commentator” in me is busting out of her skin to discuss.

For those of you that have found me via Twitter, I am working on integrating this page with my twitter page. If anyone has any pointers, I would appreciate the help. 🙂