Trying to do this on a regular basis is easier said than done.  I’m failing at it.  Miserably.

Regardless, those of you who follow me manage to post on a fairly regular basis, so why can’t I?

Well, part of the problem is, every time I have the itch to write a substantial blog, I am somewhere that I can’t write (i.e., at work!), and when I’m sitting on my couch, twiddling my thumbs while Chris plays Know-it-All Trivia on Facebook and the Food Network is droning on in the background (exciting Friday, huh?), I’m at a loss.

It’s not because I have nothing to talk about, or a lack of opinions on things.  For any of you that are at all familiar with me (and if you’re reading this, you must be), that’s certainly NOT the case.  I can count the number of times I’ve been rendered truly speechless on one hand, and to put it into context, one of those times was when Chris proposed to me.  And, as he’ll tell you, my lack-of-speech did not last long.  🙂

I could talk about the earthquake in Haiti, and how my faith in humanity, as a whole, is restored while I watch people who can spare their pennies and their time to help those who are less fortunate.  I could talk about weddings, and how it’s NOT so easy to just disregard your loved ones and elope, as much as you might want to.  I could talk about how it’s easy for an outsider to say that someone should just cut a toxic person out of his or her life, but that without context it’s not such an easy thing, or even necessarily advisable.  I could talk about how my dog doesn’t seem to realize that Chris and I communicate with one another as after he gets his dinner, he tries to “convince” the other that he hasn’t eaten yet.

The list goes on.  But, because I’m sitting here, with time on my hands to elaborate on any of the above topics, or even something else entirely, I have writer’s block.

As a former writer by trade, the best way to shake off writer’s block is to plow through it and shake it off.  The only way to plow through it, is for me to write a post like this.

I wouldn’t leave it up, except I know many of my readers can relate to this.  So, tell me – how do you deal with striking a balance with blogging?  When you get a great inspiration for a post while you’re stuck in traffic, or in a meeting at work, or at the grocery store, or any other number of inconvenient places, how do you translate that to your blog, when you do have time?  And, when you have time but nothing to say, how do you deal with that?