I’ve been meaning to post this for nearly a week, and got sidetracked.

I was watching the Yankees/Red Sox game in a bar last Friday, and cheered on my team, the Yankees (who were, quite literally, crushing the enemy).  The person next to me scowled.

“Oh, come on.  What state do you live in again?”

Because, I realize, not everyone cheers for a team based on state affiliation alone, but I was giving my friend a gentle ribbing for liking The Enemy.  However, what I often hear from Northeastern New Yorkers is that “Boston is closer than New York!”  And, that’s what my friend said to me on Friday night.

Not so, grasshopper!

According to Google Maps:

Albany to Yankee Stadium:  142 miles

Albany to Fenway Park:  170 miles

Also, for good measure,

Albany to Citi Field:  151 miles

So, my friends, NO, Fenway Park is NOT closer than Yankee Stadium.  In fact, West Stockbridge MA is 134 miles to Fenway Park, and 129 miles to Yankee Stadium.  So, even if you ACTUALLY LIVED in Western MA, you might still be closer to Yankee Stadium.  Your argument no longer holds water.

If your team is the Sox, that’s cool.  That’s your choice, and it’s a valid one.  Much as I hate them, they’re a great team with an amazing history.  It’s a good franchise to root for, and I can put aside my dislike to appreciate that.  But, own your decision.  Stand up to my “what state do you live in, anyway?” ribbing and defend your choice on the merits!  Don’t try and tell me it’s because Fenway Park is closer.  Because it’s not.  Map it out.

Now, if you happen to think it’s easier to get to, I think you’re nuts – the Thruway/Major Deegan is far less confusing to navigate than Boston … but, that’s a matter of opinion, so I won’t go there.  🙂