My wedding announcement ran in my hometown’s paper this morning.  No one would have pushed us to put an announcement in the paper if we did not want one, however I was pretty excited to do this.  I’m not sure why, as most of the traditional “you have to do this because you have to” stuff makes me cringe, but I wanted the announcement in the paper.

Anyway, while I was looking at the announcements this morning, I saw this beautiful wedding.  I don’t know these people at all, but I felt very compelled to share this with all of you.  We are doing our wedding the way we are for very specific and legitimate reasons, but that does not change the fact that every time I see or hear about a beautiful, private ceremony such as this one I get a little bit twitterpated.  Congratulations, Bakers!  Your wedding is lovely, and I’m sure your lives together will be just as lovely.