I swear, I SWEAR, that this blog is not going to be about food.  Seriously, I promise.

However, food is a common interest of mine and my husband’s, and therefore plays a big role in our lives.  C is a foodie, and while I wasn’t a full-fledged foodie before I met C, I definitely had foodie tendencies that have since been cultivated.  I still don’t like to cook.  However, now that I’m a foodie, I like cooking even less … because I’m fussier about how my food tastes, and my cooking doesn’t measure to my own standards!  (Well, there are certain dishes I do well … but overall, no, I don’t like my own cooking!)

One of the best decisions that C and I made this year* was joining a CSA.  Specifically, we joined Jus-Lin Farms, and added on an egg share as well.  We split it with another couple, as a full share is too much for us, and to buy a half-share on our own was expensive in comparison.  The crop yields weren’t as large as we hoped during the summer months due to the drought, but overall we’ve been VERY happy with our investment.  Friends who know me “in real life” (or, at least, via Facebook) have gotten a live feed as to how much we love it – C cooks something yummy (often with my assistance and ALWAYS with my encouragement!), and I take a picture of it and post it to Facebook, outlining the CSA vegetables plus any add-ons from our favorite local markets (most commonly, the Honest Weight Food Co-Op or Cardona’s Market).

The result?  Many of our local friends have been asking me to send them information about how to join a CSA next year.

There’s been a lot in the media lately about the evils of social networking sites, however as much good can be done as damage.  I’m from a generation that believes technology can truly be an asset to your life.  I don’t think it should be used for no good (i.e., cyberbullying), and I certainly don’t think it should be a substitute for face-to-face contact, but it can be a valuable extension of one’s social life.

It also makes it a lot easier to be a trendsetter.  In fact, C and I learned about the CSA from another friend who posted about it on HER social networking outlets.  We took it to a different level.  We didn’t plan to do this, per se, but once we realized the attention we were bringing to practices we believe in – that is, eating all-natural and supporting local businesses – I post photos every time we make dinner.  Now, our friends are educating themselves on CSAs and considering joining themselves, which is exciting.  Posting photos was so EASY and FUN, and as a result, something really cool can go viral.

It, of course, means that hatred and bigotry can more easily go viral, as we’ve seen so recently with Tyler Clementi.  However, rather than condemning social media, fight back by using social media for a cause you believe in.

Like eating. 🙂

*That is, besides getting married, of course! 🙂