… you share a cell phone plan.  🙂

C went onto my cell phone plan last night.

In fairness, this is something we probably would have done years ago, as I get a sweet 19% discount from Sprint for being a career bureaucrat.  However, I have a smartphone, and he had no desire for one, and was grandfathered into this pretty great plan through T-Mobile.  With Sprint, if one person on the family plan has a smartphone, all of the phones come with the full internet plan, and it ended up being more expensive for him to come onto my plan than to just keep his.  However, now that he is traveling a lot for his book*, he realized that getting a smartphone would be handy.

I first did the smartphone thing in 2009, and got a Blackberry Curve.  It was a great “starter phone,” however there were things about it I did not like, particularly the internet browser and the Facebook application.  It got decent reception, I could get my emails on it, and it had a full keyboard for texting ease.  Overall, I was happy with it.   That is, until a month in, someone stepped on it (I KNOW, right?) and the screen cracked.  I of course immediately called to retroactively add the insurance so I could get a new phone … except, it still worked fine.  And the insurance was expensive and, really, didn’t do a whole lot.  So, I figured, I would wait it out and see.

Of course, the following year brought in the Palm Pre, the Palm Pixi, and then the Android line.  I decided, I was getting a new phone in a year, as soon as I was eligible.  A phone that had a full browser that DIDN’T have a cracked screen?  Sign me up!  I had decided I wanted one of the Android phones, and then, two weeks before I was due, the Palm Pixis went on sale for … $0.  Yes, that’s right.  Free with a new 2 year contract.  I decided, with the wedding coming up, that I should be frugal and go with the free phone …

… I’ve regretted it ever since.  I like my Pixi way more than I liked my Blackberry, but there are limited options for applications, the keys are small, and … eh.  I was happy to keep it for my year to trade it in for another phone … OR … since now C wanted a smartphone, I could talk him into taking it!  Yes!  He didn’t care about apps, anyway, and this will be his first smartphone, so now *I* can get an Android phone!  Sweet!

Until, that is, he got his hands on the HTC Hero (want!).  And, then, from there, on the Samsung Intercept (want more!).  So, he decided, instead, he wanted a new phone.  Sure, I could have pitched a fit and stomped my foot and threw a tantrum so he would take mine … but, really, I didn’t want my phone, so I wasn’t exactly selling him on it.

“Your keypad is way too small.”  Yeah, no kidding.

So, instead, I now have major phone envy as I look longingly at his Intercept, now charging across the room from me.  And, I’ve been surfing eBay for a good deal on a used Android phone …

*I know, I call him “C” on here and then link to a page with his full name on it. But, I know he really wants you to follow his page on Facebook, so I know he won’t mind. 🙂