On the MacBook Air:

irisira:  “Oh, look, Apple is selling sex again!”

C:  “Yeah.  And how much does that cost?”

irisira:  “Thirty-six hundred dollars. … Okay, that’s made up.  But probably close to reality*.”

Joe Buck on CJ Wilson (pitcher, Texas Rangers):

“… and you can follow him on Twitter.  He wants to be a professional race car driver.”

C:  “What?  You’re a professional BASEBALL PLAYER.  Why would you aspire to be another profession?”

Joe Buck’s trivia:

“The most doubles in a World Series … was Pete Fox, in the 1934 World Series!”

C:  “What?  Who the hell knows that?”

Don’t mind me.  It’s been a long week, and I’m finding amusement in everything … no one is safe from our snark.  🙂


*Well, Apple may be safe from our snark.  The MacBook Air is $999, not $3600.  OK, I’m eating crow.