Oh, come on now.  I know at least some of my readers have moms who were in their 20s in the 1980s.  Right?  I mean, my mother was (relatively) young when she had me, but she wasn’t *that* young.  She graduated college in Dec. of 1980 (I was born in Oct. ’81).  And, anyway, I’m 29 and this skinny jean thing only recently came back into style.  So there.  The heading is appropriate.  Your mom probably wore skinny jeans.  Except I don’t think they were called that.


Anyway, when the style began to resurface about 2 years or so ago, I got pretty nervous.  I was always worried that the super-tight, uncomfortable, unflattering tapered ankle style would return, replacing the boot cut style that is really so flattering on most women.  However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the evolution.  Children of the 80s – don’t you remember that scene in Adventures in Babysitting where Elisabeth Shue has to lay down on her bed to zip up her jeans?  Yeah.  That style of jeans was not flattering on you if they actually fit, or were a little big (helllllooo, Mom Jeans!), only if you had to lay down on your bed to zip them up.

Rebecca Gayheart, Third Trimester

Eat your heart out, Chris Parker

This does not sound appealing to anyone.
However, fortunately for us later Gen-Xers and Millennials, fashoin designers have decided that this is not flattering on anyone.  So, therefore, they’ve created the “skinny jean,” which is flattering on EVERYONE.  Needless to say, I’m now addicted to the skinny jean, long fitted shirt, and tall slouchy boot look.  I bought my first pair of skinny jeans over the summer and rocked them for my bachelorette party.  I don’t have any full length photos, but I wore them with a hip-length crocheted top and slouchy suede ankle boots.  I was stunned at how COMFORTABLE I was all night long.  They’re more comfortable than my dark wash bootcut jeans, which don’t have stretchy material.Even glowing, very pregnant ladies can rock this look.
I mean, really – this outfit Rebecca Gayheart is sporting is simply phenomenal.  It almost makes me want to get pregnant so I can copy it …
… okay, not really.  Not even a little bit.  But you get the idea.

This should not be worn in public.

The look seems to be a merger of two different looks from the 80s – the skintight denim look that was the bane of all sane women’s existences, and the Olivia Newton John “Physical” look, complete with a long flowy teeshirt, spandex, and legwarmers.  Now, you have instead, stretchy jeans (instead of spandex), long flowy (or fitted, so long as they hit your hip or lower) tops, and slouchy boots (instead of leg warmers).
Skinny Jeans 2010 style

Way better than spandex

Personally, my favorite ones are from The Gap, specifically the Always Skinny line.  With their being nearly as many Gap outlets as retail stores, it’s easy to find a great price on them (I got mine for $40).  I know Kristi Gustafson is a fan of the Matchstick Jeans from J.Crew.  Again, opt for outlet prices.  As for footwear, I recommend Bass Outlets – they constantly are having great sales on boots.  Just last month I stumbled upon a “buy one get two free,” so I ended up with three great pairs of boots for, well, about the price of one pair of Matchstick jeans.  🙂
Or, if you even balk at that, there’s always stores like Plato’s Closet.  HINT:  You can get some REALLY great boots from places like that as well!  Just, if you bring your old clothes there for cash or credit, make sure your cat doesn’t lay all over them first.  They don’t look too kindly onto that …