1.  It’s been insane at work.  INSANE.  We’re doing layoffs, and I work in HR.  It’s been a massive undertaking, where I’ve learned a lot (which is a good thing), but I’ve had to tell people they’re losing their jobs in the process (which, frankly, sucks).  It’s been emotionally draining and as a result I haven’t had much left over for anything else.

2.  Yes, it IS affecting my marriage, and I hate that.  But, part of me kind of loves it – not me being moody toward him, or he being over-sensitive to my moods, or anything in-between, but the fact that we are a UNIT and all things that happen affect us both.  I’m not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that C is on the road right now.  I feel like I would feel better if he was here, but then again leaning on him as an emotional crutch isn’t healthy, either.

3.  Speaking of lists, I don’t think I’m into this whole “Life List” phenomenon.  And I’m refreshed to see that other bloggers aren’t into it, either.  I don’t think my reasons are as articulate as Sarah’s:  my Type A overacheiver is tempered compared to hers, but she brings up some good points.  There are a lot of things I want to do/try/achieve, but right now, because of #1, I’m really just trying to keep my head above water and stay positive about my life and my work (which, fortunately, is relatively easy to do, given the circumstances … not everyone is so lucky).

4.  I have been trying to blog more lately.  I’ve let this get a bit more personal than I have let (public) blogs get in the past, and I think that’s OK so long as it doesn’t cross a line.  It is therapeutic, but it can also be very dangerous, which I am keenly aware of.  However, sometimes, I don’t have the energy to write something insightful.  Sometimes, I just want to write.

5.  I’m currently devouring Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood, and I am nursing a splitting sinus headache and a nasty cold, so I think I’m going to pack it in for the night.  Yes, at 8pm.  Shut up, I’m sick.

6.  I just got back from New Orleans, and do have some insightful things to share.  Later. When I kick this cold.