Alyssa over at Kind of a Mess has an ongoing series on her blog she entitles Dirty Little Secrets.  It’s fantastic, right?  Because we all have them.  Our guilty pleasures.

One of my guilty pleasures is Glee.  Now, FYI, I’m not writing this to steal from Alyssa.  I’m linking to Alyssa because, quite frankly, her blog is super fun and you should be reading it if you aren’t already.  It was just that, my 3 hour DVR Glee Marathon made me realize that certain TV genres are my guilty pleasure.  Specifically, sci-fi/fantasy (Joss Whedon, I’m looking at you, son), crime dramas, and, apparently, musical comedies.  (There’s only one on the air, but if there were more, I’m sure I would adore them too.)  I actually DVR Glee, and haven’t watched it since Christmas, so there were four episodes languishing on my DVR (along with a slew of episodes of V and House – because sarcastic Aussies are a weakness, too).

The thing is, I haven’t really felt in the mood to watch Glee.  Truth is, I never am.  I usually force myself, on a Saturday morning while C is still sleeping, to go through the DVR and watch these episodes.  It’s usually because C has scolded me for filling up the DVR and is worried about having room for his Bundesliga games and his episodes of NOVA Science NOW.  Anyway, after a “The DVR is at 86%, so I really need you to watch your TV this weekend,” lecture last night, I made my coffee and plopped on the couch for a Glee marathon.  And, as during every self-imposed marathon, I am totally sucked into it.

It’s actually kind of annoying this season – last season was filled with classic showtunes, 80’s hair bands, pop divas, and classic rock.  I spent a fortune on iTunes downloading all of the songs.  This season?  Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.  *barf*  I mean, I get it – clearly, last season was targeting the Gen X demographic, and this season is focusing on Millennials (which, actually, is appropriate), but really now?  AN ENTIRE EPISODE dedicated to The Biebs?  Ew.  (I mean, at least, Lea Michele can carry a tune, so even though they had the stupid Firework song, I hate the fact that it’s sung off-key more than I hate the song itself, so that wasn’t so bad.  But Justin Bieber is kinda creepy, folks.  Like, Hanson creepy.)

As I was fast-forwarding thru the teeny-bopper garbage, I got to enjoy Rachel and Mercedes Diva-Off.  (Sorry all, wanted to embed it, but it was disabled, and you really need to see the video, not just a picture of a slushie.)

Now, see, I love when Rachel sings showtunes; when she channels Idina Menzel (did I eat up the episodes with Idina as Rachel’s mom?  Yes, yes I did).  I love RENT, in part because I love La Boheme.  So – Rachel and Mercedes channeling Idina channeling Musetta?  OMG, I am in GLEEK HEAVEN.

And this is why I keep coming back to you, Glee.  Like a bad penny.

But, this is also why I will only watch you on DVR.  So I can fast forward through your poor decisions.