… that March is Women’s History Month?  Or, as I prefer to call it, HerStory Month?

And did you know that today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day?

Well, it is.

I saw an ignorant comment on a Facebook Page that I follow which announced that it was, in fact, Women’s History Month.  The comment, “When is MEN’S History Month?”

Now, for some context, he is one of a contingent of people who post incessantly on this page with what might be good points if they did not make such ignorant asses of themselves.  I’ve complained about this a bit on Twitter (for those of you who follow me, you may recall), but I restrain from engaging them for two reasons:

1.  It’s never a good idea to feed the trolls; and

2.  My mother works for this particular organization.  That is, the organization that hosts the Facebook page, not the contingent of crazypants ignorant jerks.

#2 has kept me more in line than #1, as despite my better judgment, certain comments often breed my urge to do something like this:

C tries to talk me down when I get like this.  It is usually with little success.  I’m kind of opinionated and argumentative, in case you haven’t noticed.

Even so, I don’t want to make trouble for Mom.  We don’t have the same last name (not because I got married), but it would be pretty easy to trace me back to her for someone who might want to cause trouble.  And it’s pretty clear these jerks like to cause trouble.  Just a couple weeks ago, in regards to a different comment thread, because I was restraining myself from commenting I instead called my mother and said, “Your work Facebook gives me high blood pressure.” She laughed.  She knows me.

Anyway, so the other day, one of them posted this ridiculous comment.  “When is Men’s History Month?”  I cringed.  I was *almost* disappointed that more of his comrades hadn’t joined in, but apparently even they agreed it was crossing the line.  Their big claim is that this organization is gender-biased (against men), and making a statement like that isn’t exactly helping your cause.  We have Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day because for centuries we’ve been beaten, shoved aside, put down, and oppressed.

And, folks?  It’s only marginally better.  As a good example, the US ranks 187th out of 190 in the world on comprehensive maternity policies.  Really, US?  We can do so much better than that.  We’ve fooled ourselves into thinking what we currently have is acceptable, but it’s not.  Part of the reason that the rise of the “Super Mom Syndrome” has been so detrimental on a woman’s psyche is because while we’re “allowed” to “do it all,” we’re not actually given the tools to make choices that are right for ourselves and our families.  As Meg Keene put it, “We have more choices, but they’re all sh*tty choices.”

In other words, careful, buddy, your misogyny white male privilege is showing.  Please kindly take it and shove it up your ignorant sphincter.

I didn’t engage him.  It’s probably a good thing.

I need more family members working for organizations that have controversial Facebook pages.  It would keep me in check.  And, perhaps, inspire me to write more thoughtfully in my blog as opposed to banging my head against a brick wall arguing with people who are of no consequence.