I think I mentioned how I was going to give up shopping for Lent, yes?  As part of that, to inspire and encourage me to think outside the box with my clothes, and maybe give me some perspective to cut down on my clothing clutter long term, I am doing the 30 for 30 challenge.  Why start today, and not on March 9?  Because I am just doing weekdays (as that’s when I make most of my fashion decisions, anyway), and 30 weekdays worked out quite nicely running from March 14-April 22.

So, without further ado, my first 30 for 30 outfit:

Hmmm ... I really need to work on my posture.

Not the greatest picture, I realize, however it’s easier to upload these photos using my phone camera, and it’s not like I need quality photojournalism, here.

Anyway, the outfit:

Vest/pants:  NY& Co

Shirt: NY&Co

Necklace/earrings: Lia Sophia

My friend Lexie (over at Alex in the Soleil), my inspiration for the challenge noted that she really likes the vest look because it enables her to wear a suit without buttoning the jacket, so she can buy jackets that fit in the arms and the shoulders without worrying about fitting across her chest.  I do not have this problem (I have the opposite problem), however *I* too like the vest look because of where they sit on your torso, it gives the appearance of a cinched waist.  Vests = versatile for all body types?

I will admit a confession:  you notice I didn’t mention (or even show) my shoes here.  I skipped shoes, even though the challenge says you’re supposed to count them.  However, you’ll also note some flexibility on the rules regarding certain accessories and other pieces (such as camisoles, for example).  Folks, here’s the deal:  It’s Mud Season in Upstate NY.  This means function over fashion with shoes.  That would require adding my mucking boots to the remixing, and I just don’t want to do that.  It also would require me rotating through a limited number of my cuter shoes, exposing them more to the mud.  I tend to gravitate toward boots (mucking boots and nice boots) this time of year, but I don’t want to limit my shoe choices to JUST boots, and I didn’t want to take up 1/3 of my remixing choices on shoes.

Anyway, I’ll be posting my remixes with some regularity from here on out.  Enjoy! 🙂