… or, Why my Walk-the-Dog jeans are not part of the 30-for-30 Challenge.

Lizzie’s comment to yesterday’s post about how calm I am about Mud Season had me wanting to write a post about mud.  Initially, I was just going to post my outfit, then show you the shoes I wore, and how muddy they got just walking from my car to my apartment yesterday afternoon:

In fairness, I usually park in Washington Park, and so there is a fair amount of grass and mud that I need to walk through.  Granted, I could walk AROUND it and avoid the mud, but really, who has time for that?

Anyway, when I got home, I had C take my picture (don’t worry, it’s coming), then he proceeded to tell me that the dog was mad at him because he had been working most of the day and could only take him for a short walk.  It was a balmy 50+ degrees and sunny here, and, well, what good is Daylight Savings Time if you can’t take your dog to play?  So, I put on my Dog Walking Jeans, my mucking boots, and an old fleece, and headed out to the quagmire park with Finnegan.

As you can see, Finnegan was happy as a pig in … well, you know.  When he wasn’t chasing his new friends through the mud, he was eating the half-melted muddy snow.  Mmmm, tasty, right?  (Dogs are so gross.)  Of course, though, when walking the dog during mud season, one does not get away unscathed.

Ha, yup.  Those are my jeans.  Clearly, this is not a fashion statement.

Anyway, after about a half hour of running and carousing in the park, I brought Finnegan back inside.  Because he’s brown and black and has short hair, it was hard to tell just how covered in mud he really was until I was toweling him off.  He made eyes for the couch and I told him to forget it.  He paced around, moping.  C then decided to take a shower, and I started on the dishes (I never feel like doing the dishes after dinner; I usually let them sit for a day and do them while/before C makes dinner that evening).

Then, I hear a yell from the bedroom:  “FINNEGAN, NO!”

Yup, folks, that’s right.  Mud-Dog plopped himself on the bed, getting mud all over our comforter.

C lifted him up (look at the picture – he’s not a small dog), plopped him in the tub, and yelled for me to come help him.  Usually, to bathe Finnegan, C has to hold him down while I soap him up and rinse him.  As most dogs do, he absolutely hates it more than anything else in the world.  Except maybe parades or road races.  Or bikes.

The tub afterwards was pretty disgusting.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but you can use your imagination.

Today, friends, it is raining out.  Because, you know, that’s going to make our mud situation here SO much better.  🙂

Anyway, what you’ve REALLY all been waiting for … Tuesday’s 30 for 30 outfit!

Posture is better today, yes? I made a conscious effort!

Pink sweater:  NY&Co.

Grey cardigan:  NY& Co.

Grey wool pants: JCrew

Earrings:  Yellow Boutique, Saratoga Springs (I know, you can’t see them in this picture, but they have a large green stone with pink stones accenting … very pretty!)

Necklace: Lia Sophia