So, this no shopping thing?

Starting to get tough.

In the 30 for 30 challenge, camisoles and accessories (including scarves) don’t count.  I have no shortage of camisoles, but I only have one scarf that’s not a cold weather/winter scarf, and it’s very colorful and pretty and I’m looking forward to adding it to an outfit, but it hasn’t quite worked with any of them yet.

Then, Real Simple sends me an email with this link to 8 spring scarves.

Ohhh, how you torture me, Real Simple.

(Post-Lent Shopping Resolution 1:  buy more scarves)

Anyway, what you’ve been waiting for: 30 for 30 from the last 3 days:

Wednesday’s outfit:

Shirt:  NY&Co.

Camisole: Old Navy

Pants: NY&Co.

Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia

As you’ve noticed, more than half of my wardrobe is from NY&Co. and a lot of my jewerly is from Lia Sophia.  The former is easy:  They constantly have great sales that are further reduced by coupons.  As you may remember, I spent my NY&Co. gift card right before this challenge, and between the sales and the coupons, I got a great bang for my buck.  The stuff is by no means couture quality, but then again, I don’t have a couture pocketbook.

The latter is because, over the last few years I’ve had a coworker and two good friends become Lia Sophia sales consultants, so to support their endeavors I’ve bought a significant amount of jewelry from them.  I like Lia Sophia’s jewelry, and if you can catch it on a good sale then you can get a lot of great pieces for a reasonable amount of money.  Of course, for my wedding, I “discovered” Etsy (I’ve always known about Etsy, I just never really played around on Etsy until last year), and I bought all of my jewerly for me and my bridesmaids on there.  I still wear my bridal jewelry if it matches (I’m sure I will bust it out for 30 for 30, eventually), and I’m kicking myself for not getting myself a necklace/earring set that matched my bridesmaids – it was so pretty!  And it was yellow, and I don’t have anything in yellow!

(Post-Lent Shopping Resolution 2:  Buy more Etsy jewelry)


Sweater:  Ann Taylor Loft

Camisole:  Van Heusen

Jacket:  NY&Co.

Pants: NY& Co.

Earrings:  Twinkle Studio

Necklace: Lia Sophia

I initially was going to exempt myself on St. Patrick’s Day, but the week before I wore a similar outfit (which I will be bringing back for 30 for 30) featuring this sweater, and I really thought it made for a great versatile piece.  And … it’s green!  Perfect!  I love green, but a lot of the green I have isn’t very versatile for this challenge.


Ugh. Friday was a long, long, loooooooong and trying day, for a litany of reasons.  As a result, I forgot to have C take my picture. And I am really bummed about that, too, because I had a really great outfit:

Shirt: NY& C0. (Taupe, 3/4 length sleeve, similar style to the shirt from Wednesday)

Vest: NY&Co. (Dark brown)

Jeans: Pac Sun

Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia (This is the necklace.)

I really loved my Friday outfit, because it nicely dressed up my jeans for casual Friday, making it not-so-casual.  I also love how I used neutral, versatile pieces and added a splash of color with my jewelry choice.  SO bummed I don’t have a photo.

I resume next week! Looks like I may already need to do laundry … laundromat trips are going to be more annoying than the no shopping. 😦