I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s outfits all on tap.  Not today’s, I’ll probably snap that photo later (or, rather, have C snap that photo).  However, I can’t believe I’m already 1/3 of the way through the challenge (10 days) and still have plenty of combinations I can use.  🙂


Shirt:  NY&Co.

Cardigan: NY&Co.

Skirt:  Ann Taylor Loft

Tights: Target

Jewelry:  Lia Sophia

So, hm.  Not loving this outfit.  I feel like I look a bit like a librarian.  Okay, let’s be fair: I frequently look like a librarian.  But, in this outfit, I feel like I look like a MARMISH librarian.  I think part of the problem is the skirt – that style skirt, as much as I want it to look good on me, is just not flattering.  I do better with swingy, A-line styles and dropped waists.  Oh well.  I got compliments again on this outfit, though frankly I don’t know why.  I’m regretting putting this skirt in with 30 for 30 because I know I won’t want to wear it again … we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll come up with something to jazz it up.


Sweater:  Banana Republic

Shirt: NY&Co

Pants: Express

Jewelry: Lia Sophia

You know, I don’t know why I don’t buy pants at Express more often.  I mean, OK, yes I do: they’re kind of expensive.  But really, folks?  You can get good deals on sales, and they’re worth every penny.  The pants left?  Black pants?  I’ve had those for almost 6 years.  I bought them with a jacket for my grandfather’s funeral in June 2005.  I accidentally donated the suit jacket last summer (I meant to put another one in the bag, it was a fast and furious closet purge … I was pissed when I got home and realized that the jacket I wanted gone was still in my closet), which is a bummer, but these pants are still awesome.


Jacket:  United Colors of Benetton

Shirt: NY&Co

Pants: NY&Co

Earrings: Twinkle Studio

Necklace: Lia Sophia

So, yeah.  On my way home, C texted me that he was in the park with Finnegan, and the “polar bear puppy” was there (he’s a Great Pyrenees mix, about 6 mos, and he looks like A FLUFFY POLAR BEAR AND I LOVE HIM … *ahem*), plus a NEW shepherd mix puppy (4mos.).  “I’ll be right there,” I texted back.  Because, DUH.  Puppies.  Anyway, there was no way I was wearing anything but Mud Jeans to the park, and I knew I wouldn’t feel like getting dressed for a photo shoot, so this is the lovely picture you get instead.

By the way, I don’t regret this decision for a second.  Polar Bear Puppy had already left (*sadface*), but the new puppy was there, and he looked like a little lion cub but with still-floppy ears and a shepherd face.  He was a little adorable monster and I wanted to steal him.  I got puppy kisses, and was a giant pile of goo.

But, anyway, enough of my borderline creepy-dog-lady ramblings.  To address the clothes – another piece of clothing that was worth every penny is that Benetton jacket I’m wearing.  I LOVE THAT JACKET.  I can’t remember if I first saw it in NYC, left it on the rack because of the price tag, and then when I spotted it in the store in Philadelphia immediately bought it because I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it, or if I first saw it in Philadelphia and then bought it in NYC … it doesn’t really matter, I suppose.  I have had this jacket for four years and it has been such a versatile purchase.  As you can see from my wardrobe, I have a lot of NY&Co., because it’s affordable, but most of the pieces that I’ve had for more than a couple years are from other stores.  The NY&Co. stuff just doesn’t last the same way.

Enough rambling on about clothes.  I’ll have a “real” post this weekend.  Oh, and yes, I’ll also post today’s outfit. 🙂