So, I don’t know how Meg did it – that is, kept a big ‘ol secret from her blog community for nearly a year while she was launching a book deal.  Because – eeee! – I think I would lose my mind.

I’ve been a ball of nervous energy over the past couple weeks and I am still not ready to talk about it yet.  I will be soon, and I will be talking about it.  But, not yet.

(And this is what I mean – I can’t just NOT discuss it.  I’m a spaz.)

Anyway, as a result?  NO 30 for 30 pictures this week.  FAIL.  So, summaries of clothes:


– Taupe 3/4 button shirt, brown vest, brown pants – all NY&Co.  Jewelry from Lia Sophia.


– White shirt (Van Heusen), black pants and cardigan sweater, NY&Co.
(I didn’t love this outfit.)


– White w/ black pinstripe 3/4 shirt, black skirt, NY&Co.  Lace cami from Van Heusen


– Taupe w/ brown pinstripes pants and vest; orange short sleeved button down, NY&Co.  Lia Sophia jewelry.


– Pac Sun jeans, purple cardigan from Banana Republic.  White button down short sleeved shirt from NY&Co.  Lia Sophia jewelry.

I’ve found, through this process, there are a lot of clothes I have that I DON’T LIKE.  I thought I got rid of all of those.  I thought wrong.  There’s not much left that I dislike, but enough that I need to make another Goodwill run.  My closet is shrinking, and I like what it’s starting to look like.  🙂

Besides, if it shrinks, I can make room for new stuff.  Right? 🙂