For those of you who read Lisa over at Privilege and follow her on Twitter, you’re already well aware of the #amwearing tag.  Which – duh! – is so perfect to marry with 30 for 30 that I’m annoyed with myself for not thinking of it sooner.  So, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ve been treated to a daily dose of my remixes.  I got tired of the pictures, though.  The grainy, unflattering cell phone shots got old, fast.

Alex was right, however.  It certainly has me looking at my clothing choices a lot differently, and in many ways differently than I expected.  For one, I own a lot of pieces from NY&Co.  While this store is great for things like button down shirts, which often need to be replaced every couple years or so, it’s not so great for things like nice sweaters or suits.  I have a pair of black Express pants that I’ve had for nearly 6 years and still look great.  A similar pair of NY&Co. pants would not last as well and are not as nice looking or as comfortable.  If you’re remixing and developing new outfits from existing, classic pieces, you can afford to spend more on a fewer number of well made pieces.

Additionally, too, I was nervous in undertaking the challenge as I do not have a washer and dryer.  I have friends who say that they would have issues with my apartment because I don’t have off street parking and I don’t have a dishwasher, and how they simply could not live without these things.  Sure, both would be nice, but if Chris and I move, I want to move to an apartment that has a washer-dryer hookup, or, at the very least, laundry in the building.  I would do laundry weekly if it was more convenient.  However, instead, I save it up and have massive amounts.  It makes it such a chore – both to lug it wherever I’m doing it (laundromat, Mom’s, in-laws, etc.), AND to fold it and put it away later.

30 for 30 has changed my laundry outlook.  So, say, I do a small load of laundry once a week.  Like today, for example.  Finnegan often has me up around 7:30 or so.  I can get up, walk the dog, then load up a small amount of essentials into the car to the laundromat.  Mad Lark Laundry is close by and has a parking lot.  Today, I went, put my laundry into one washer, then walked over to Caffe Vero and read my Real Simple magazine.  All told, my chore took about 2 hours.

Because, you see, not everything needs to be washed EVERY TIME.  We have enough sheets, towels, etc. that we can save those for when we go to my mother’s or my in-laws.  Same goes for pajamas and weekend kick-around clothes.  My jackets and vests can be worn multiple times before they need to be washed.  Even pants, particularly well-made suit pants, can often go 2-3 wearings without being washed, provided that I don’t just toss them in a pile of dirty clothes, but take them off and fold them or hang then up when I get home (I need to work on this).  So, I figure, if I do laundry once a week, I might have 4-5 shirts, 2-3 camisoles, undergarments and socks, and 2-3 pairs of pants.  That’s one load, folks.  One load of laundry per week.  If I end up having to go two weeks for one reason or another, I can still prioritize and then do “big laundry” on a parental visit.  Plus, one load is a lot less daunting to fold and put away, so I don’t have piles of clean laundry lying around everywhere but the closet or dresser.

How is it that I have not discovered this easy, doable solution sooner?