*Is “Wedding Grad” officially a copyrighted term yet?  If it isn’t, it will be someday soon.  If you aren’t already reading Meg over at A Practical Wedding, you really should be, even if you’re not getting married.

Chris and I attended our first wedding as a married couple yesterday.  Sure, in 2010, we were engaged during all of the (other) weddings we attended, and they were lovely and beautiful, with the bride glowing and the groom beaming.  I even noticed that in the wedding we attended in 2009, shortly before we got engaged, and of course in other weddings I attended before that.

But, for me, something felt different.  Magical.  I’m not sure what, exactly, because I’ve always enjoyed weddings, but I don’t think I really understood until now.  This may be just me – it took me getting married myself to *get it* in a different way than before.  This could also be maturity – understanding the gravity and the emotions surrounding this celebration, this mitzvah. 

But, yes.  The bride glowed.  The groom beamed.  The music had everyone dancing all night.  They played Unforgettable, which was my grandparent’s* wedding song.  (I interrupted Chris, who was talking about barbeque, to get up and dance with me.)  The rain cleared and the sun came out during the cocktail hour, so people could go onto the deck and get pictures of the phenomenal view of New York City.  The mother of the groom – my husband’s aunt – was stunning, sporting a youthful glow and a smile that was the personification of pure joy.

How this couldn’t make one’s heart swell, I don’t know.

Happy Easter, everyone. 🙂

*Grandpa’s birthday was Friday, so he was definitely on my mind in a big way this weekend.  He would have been 88.