I love sunshine and warmth.

I mean, okay, who DOESN’T love sunshine and warmth?  Really?  I realize, saying that sounds a bit ridiculous.  So, I guess what I mean is, I love sitting outside in the sunshine on a day when the sky is azure blue.

Even if it’s 90 degrees.  Even if it is 90% humidity.

In fairness, I don’t have air conditioning nor do I have any plans to get it – neither my apartment layout nor the electrical wiring in my apartment is condusive to AC, and quite honestly, an in-unit washer/dryer and a dishwasher are higher on my priority list should I ever move into another apartment, than is an apartment with central air.  When it’s hot and humid and your choices are a stuffy, second floor apartment or sitting outside in the fresh air, the latter wins every time.

However, even when given the opportunity, on those days, to sit in air conditioned comfort, I would rather be outside.  I remember a trip to Houston for a conference a few years back, being irritated that it was cold enough to need a sweater in the hotel, and slipping out for some walks around the pool.  It was mid-August, and everyone thought I was nuts.

Last week, Chris’ car was in for service and he had my car to run an errand.  He thought he would be finished in time for me to take it to my hair appointment, but got held up.  So, I was faced with the choice of waiting for the bus or meandering up Madison and Western Ave., and I chose to meander.  It was Tuesday, and it was hot.  Even my dog, who has seemingly boundless energy at all times, had no energy to do much other than lay in the grass when brought outside.  And, yet, I found myself walking.  I had intended to walk to “the point” at Western/Madison and S. Allen St. (from the intersection of New Scotland and Madison), however I continued on from there for a few blocks.  I was still without my phone that day, so I was truly in my own world.  I couldn’t tell you exactly what I was thinking about that day, as my mind was not racing as it usually does.  It was simply enjoying a walk on a nice day.

Okay, nice is relative.  But to me, it was nice.

I finally decided to stop meandering and wait for the Western Ave. bus, to take me to my salon, which is further up Western into Guilderland.  I was startled by a honk, and recognized my co-worker.  She pulled over.  “Where are you going?” she asked me.  As it happened, we were headed in the same direction.

“It’s just too hot to be standing out waiting for the bus!” she exclaimed.

Perhaps.  I did appreciate the ride, and once no longer in motion I felt a bit sweatier and grimier than I realized.  Furthermore, riding with my coworker was infinitely more pleasant than taking the bus.

Even still, I enjoyed my walk.