Fall is nearly here.

Technically speaking, it is still summer until the equinox on September 21st, which would mean that I was technically a summer bride with a wedding date of September 17th*, but in much the same way no one considers December to be fall, I don’t think many consider September to still be summer.

It still hasn’t quite turned the corner yet.  The days are still hot, the sun is still strong and bright.  But the mornings have just a little extra nip to them.  The evenings cool down just a little bit faster.  I need a fleece or a jacket when walking after dark.

I have mixed feelings about this.  Fall is my favorite season – my birthday is in the fall, my wedding anniversary is in the fall (well, sort of), and many of my favorite fruits and vegetables are available in the fall (specifically, apples and pumpkins).  The foliage is stunning.

But fall means summer is over, and, worse, winter is just around the corner.  Each year I say I am not going to over-schedule myself over the summer and this year I was able to stick to that, however with Chris being on the road for half of the season, it made it a lonlier time.  I always say that “THIS summer I am going to do more [insert outdoor activity here],” and each year the summer slips away and I didn’t do as much hiking or biking or camping or swimming as I had hoped.  Of course, all but one could still be done in the fall, and would probably be more pleasant with the cooler air.

September is surprisingly busy for us this year, jam-packed with a lot of fun activities traveling and with friends.  We’re spending our first anniversary at a cabin in northern Vermont, and Finnegan can come with us.  We have somewhat of an epic road trip scheduled in November, which I am anxiously awaiting.  Fall 2011 is going to be a good one.

Plus, of course, there will be pumpkin beer to drink and apple cider donuts to eat – neither of which are done better than they are done in Upstate NY.  I can’t think of a more decadent and delicious combination.

*I know, I know, I linked to Commercial Blog Site That Must Not Be Named.  But, it was about how my husband’s neurotic tendencies actually made for a pretty awesome, romantic story. 🙂