… did you miss me?

Here to answer a few questions.

1.  Hey there, irisira! Glad you’re back! But I thought you went to write for another blog site. What happened?

Nothing bad.  The folks over at Indie Albany are great.  However, I missed having my own space to be ME, and seeing as I have precious little time to write as it is, I’d rather maintain myself in one space instead of two, and maintain ALL of me, so to speak.

2.  So, wait. You couldn’t be yourself?  I don’t get it.  Were they d*cks or something?

No, of course not.  Not in the slightest.  This was truly a “it’s really not you, it’s me” situation.  I felt like I had to censor myself not based on anything anyone ever said or did to me.  They did nothing but make me feel welcome.  It just didn’t feel right for me.

3.  OK, so I actually read some of your stuff over there and liked it.  Except … now it is gone! Where is it?

It’s right here, comments and all!  JES has a policy that all writing stays with the writer.  He gave me an XML file for me to upload wherever I choose. 

4.  Holy cow, woman!  My RSS just exploded!  How much writing did you DO over there, anyway?

Ha.  Not that much.  So, in uploading the xml file, I found that – surprise! – I could upload all of the files from my old Blogger blog.  w00t!  So, now all of my writing is in one place, for you to enjoy.  It’s OK.  You can mark it As Read.  I won’t be offended.  Especially since early-to-mid-20s irisira is a lot more, mmm, hotheaded.  🙂 (Why, yes, there are posts from 2006 on … and a handful from 2005, too!)