… or, rather, this should be titled, The Adventure that Didn’t.

Last year, our CSA, the last week of the season, pulled into our pickup spot with, literally, a truckful of gourds.  They grow like weeds in the Northeast, and I love winter squash of all kinds, so this is certainly not a problem for me.

Chris was traveling most of last fall, so I experimented on my own in cooking winter squash. I even decided to make one of my most favorite desserts ever for family on Thanksgiving – yup, you guessed it. Pumpkin pie.  It came out tasty, however it needed to bake a little longer in the oven, and/or sit a little longer on a cooling rack.  Or some ratio adjustment of some sort.  You see, I added a little bit of apple butter and a little bit of pumpkin butter, and it made the consistency more pudding and less pie.  Not that this is necessarily a bad thing – pumpkin pudding on a gingersnap crust was well-received.

Anyway, this year, because of Hurricane Irene, there was a gourd-shortage in New York.  No truckload of gourds this year.  No pie pumpkins to recreate my pumpkin pie from last year. Even still, I was determined to make one, and purchased a pie pumpkin from our local co-op.  The pumpkin was from California, not New York.  But, pumpkins are pumpkins, and it would do the job.

That is, it would do the job if I remembered to bring it with me to my in-laws on Christmas Eve so I could BAKE the damn pie.  Oops.

No matter, I thought.  I’ll make it for the sauerbraten dinner MIL makes each New Years’ Day.  In fact, that will be BETTER, as she uses ginger snaps in the gravy.  It will complement the meal!  Perfect!

This time, I remembered my pie pumpkin and my butters.  I knew there were ginger snaps handy for the crust.  I was ready. 

Then, yesterday morning, I printed out the recipe to set to work.  And I read the total time for the recipe – 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Because, oh yeah.  You have to bake the damn pumpkin first. 

What?! It’s been a year since I’ve made a pie! How should I know?

Anyway, my MIL had already put the roast in the oven, so there was no way this pie would be made for New Years’, either.

My SIL and niece are coming up from Florida in two weeks, and they often lament the lack of delicious gourds in the Sunshine State.  I’ll make the pie for them.  But I’ll take note to bake the pumpkin in advance.  Third time’s a charm?