In the past year and a half, since Chris and I, got married, we:

– Went on a “honeymoon” that I actually worked through half of

– Took a couple of weekends away – 2 to the Finger Lakes, one to Vermont

– Took a trip to Disney World with his family

In addition, I met him in Portland for our friends’ wedding (4 days) and I also met him in New Orleans (4 days), both trips I made while he was on 6 week long road trips.

Finally – FINALLY – I was in a position where, during the final 6 week road trip (he’ll have a couple more, short ones, but this is the last long one), I could meet him for a whole week.

Yes, we’ve been on mini-vacations.  Yes, we went to Disney with family.  But this was a whole week, and that whole week was OURS and ours alone.  No obligations to anyone.  No truncated trips because I was unable to take leave.  A full week.

In Sonoma wine country.

It was fantastic.

We never did make it to Napa County (we had thought we might spend a day there), but we had such a lovely time in Sonoma County that I was unconcerned.  Russian River, Dry Creek, Alexander, and Sonoma Valley – and we didn’t even make it everywhere we would have liked.  There is a lot left to explore the next time around.  Then, San Francisco!  Dim sum, taco trucks, sushi, craft beer, and quite possibly the coolest farmer’s market I’ve ever been to in my life.  We also took an impromptu trip to Santa Cruz.

I don’t want to say it was perfect … nothing is perfect.  But this was pretty damned close.

Even still, I underestimated JFK’s security lines and nearly missed my flight (thank goodness I am in good shape, as I had to run across the terminal to make it on time); not to mention, thank goodness jetBlue rocks); the flight home was a red eye, complete with an infant whose ears were no doubt throbbing, as he (she?) cried through most of the flight; at age 30, drinking wine all day for 4 days in a row means falling asleep in the car and In-N-Out Burger for dinner, instead of the original plan to go to the cute bistro in town; and, of course, the jet lag.

Oh, the jet lag.

Here’s the thing about jet lag, that no one really explains to you.  If you’re going west, it’s a challenge to acclimate.  You feel like it’s time for bed at 7pm and you want to wake up at 4am.  Except, if you power through with a cup of coffee (or, in my case, let the sun fool your body into thinking there really are more hours in the day – this actually sort of works) on the front end, and a good book on the back end, and you’re pretty well acclimated within a day or so. At least, I was, both times I’ve been to the west coast.

However, forcing yourself to go to bed at 10pm when your body thinks it is 7pm (like, right now, for example) is another matter entirely.  Even if you are successful, you’ll wake up in a couple hours.  Body says, “Wow, great nap! What’s next?!” Then, when you finally do get back to sleep, it’s about an hour before you actually need to get up.  You’re a zombie all day, and when you get home and think, “OK, tonight I’m going to re-regulate!”  Nope!  Just kidding! 10pm rolls around and you, my friend, have your second wind.

Annoying, to say the least.  Thank goodness The Profussor instructed me to go to Blue Bottle Coffee for a Gibralter, as I picked up a bag of their deliciously aromatic coffee to bring home.  It’s made the additional, necessary caffeine a joy, because when it comes to New Things, I’m a 5 year old and I overindulge.

So, I’m totally not sorry about my jet lag.  Just a little sorry that I didn’t take an extra day off to recuperate.  Though, honestly, would it really have mattered?  Regardless, my jet lag means you get a blog post.  Yay! 🙂  Aren’t you stoked?!

The trip also meant spending a couple days on either end in Long Island, as Chris’ mom watched Finnegan and I flew out of JFK.  This meant Finnegan got a long-awaited trip to the beach.  This was taken right before he lept in the quicksand-mud.  He was a muddy, briny, (happy), mess.